Rental Terms

Rental is only possible with a credit card or a valid ID-Card or passport.


We process, use and electronically store personal data of the customer for the intended purpose and according to statutory provisions. The personal data provided for rental purposes will be used to fulfill and process the contract. We treat these data confidentially and do not pass them on to third parties.


Insurance for rental equipment is available for a 10% additional charge on the rental price. If no insurance is wished the current value of the equipment has to be paid in cases of lost equipment, theft or total damage. In cases of damaged equipment there will be a reparation fee.


Skipoles are already included in the rental price, wether in a set or just skis only. If they are lost or broken compensation must be paid.


Changing of skis in the same category is always possible, however if you wish to change your ski more often than once, the current rental will end and the new rental will be calculated from day 1 again. Changing from skis to snowboard or snowboard to skis is not available without charge. If you wish to change from skis to snowboard or from snowboard to skis the current rental will also end and the new rental will be calculated from day 1.


When rental equipment is returned before the pre-arranged date, the renter will be refunded.


When rental equipment is not returned, the lender is authorized to debit the current value of the equipment from the renters account, five days after the pre-arranged due date.


No liability can be accepted for accidents of any kind!



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