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Even the best ski or board base won't last forever. Ice and rocks scratch the base and damage the edges. The ski or the board's capacity to turn and glide is enormously reduced, you have to use more strength and you tire out faster.


Professional tuning with WINTERSTEIGER technology gets your skis and board back up to snuff!

Your binding has to hold when it should, and it has to release when it must. Your WINTERSTEIGER partner can check your boot/binding system with a computerized calibration machine to measure the recommended release values.


An individually adjusted binding brings peace of mind that your bindings are adjusted correctly so you can enjoy your day on the hill!

Ski or board tuning should only be carried out by a trained technician who  understands your requirements. Unprofessional tuning can have negative effects
and spoil your fun in skiing or snowboarding.


Although manual tuning is possible, we have now invested in modern high-tech machinery from WINTERSTEIGER which guarantees perfect bases, exact edges and
optimum binding adjustment.


Regular ski / board tuning keeps your sporting equipment up to snuff and guarantees each run you take down the hill brings more enjoyment for you!



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