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It depends on the snow conditions, the terrain and your performance level as to how often you have your equipment tuned.


WINTERSTEIGER recommends a tuning

  • prior to the first outing in winter
  • about every 4 days out on the slopes
  • and at the end of the season.


Major base or edge damages should be checked daily and always be repaired immediately!

Regular tuning and a few simple maintenance measures which you can carry out
yourself will keep your skis and board in good shape!

  • Clean and dry the base and the edges after every day's skiing.
  • Use hot wax frequently in order to protect the base.
  • Any damage should be repaired immediately.
  • Store your skis or board in a cool, dry place.
  • Tuning and a thick layer of wax at the end of the season will keep your
    sports equipment in top condition for the next winter season.



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